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dub turbo hip hop beat maker software

Dub Turbo is the no.1 beat maker online but it's not pigeonholed to one genre of music, Explore it in techno, rock, r&b, pop, and more.

“Remember When You Were Out The Other Night, That Sick Beat The DJ Played That's Been Stuck In Your Head Ever Since?"
Do You Ever Wish YOU Had The Ability To Make REAL Hit Music Like That? Something That BOOMS At Broadcast Quality - That You, Yourself Created??

"DUBturbo - Marked As The Most Controversial BeatMaker On The Market" ('Cause It Does 10 x As Much While Costing 10 x Less Than Other Software. Made For All Levels)

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"When I Said 'Check Out My Beats' They All Laughed At Me..
..Until I Pressed The Play Button.. Now They BEG For My Secret!"

It doesn't matter if you've never made beats before, or if you haven't touched a sequencer in your life, because as of right now - you're starting the transition from novice - to billboard level hit making producer! "As soon as I started, I played back the first few beats I created and was EXTREMELY IMPRESSED! I had no idea how easy it was to make the same quality beats I hear on the radio and in the clubs!" Yep, you'll be saying the same thing once you try it.


You can make the same quality rap, dubstep, and hiphop beats that your favorite artists and producers are making, in a snap. Oh and our beat making software costs you LESS than what you'd pay for ONE generic beat today. Express yourself with a clean, convenient and dependable hip hop beat muisc maker that will have you sounding like a pro faster than you can write your first hook!

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fl studio 10 image

Fl Studio is used by Professional
Producers and artists like 9th wonder,
Soulja boy, Franchize Boyz, and many others.

Producers spend thousands of dollars on equipment
to get that great sound but you don't have to. Fl studio can give you that same high quality professional sound

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Full-featured music composing and arranging software with MIDI piano roll, sequencing, soft-synths and effects.

Fruity Edition is geared for composers who need MIDI piano roll for complex melodies and to record/play chords. Fruity Edition adds access to the Playlist Pattern Clips for complex and lengthy arranging/sequencing and automation of program/plugin parameters.

What you can do with Fruity edition:

Fruity edition adds three very important features: The Piano roll, Event Automation, and The Playlist.

Here is how the Fruity edition unlocks full melodic and instrumental performance capabilities:
- Piano roll enables unlimited length patterns and the ability to record/play chords for each instrument Channel. for unlimited length patterns and chords
- Event Automation allows the control of almost any FL Studio parameter or plugin knob using the Event Editor. Record or ‘draw’ automation. This automation data is saved in Pattern Clips.
- Playlist Pattern Clip arranging so an unlimited number of Pattern Clips can be stacked and or placed end-to-end in series in the Playlist to create complete musical works of unlimited complexity. Pattern clips can hold note (Piano roll / Stepsequencer) and Automation (Event Automation) data.
- Client VST/Rewire support so you can use FL Studio as an instrument in VST/Rewire compatible.

Fruity Edition Features:

Plug-in support:
* Multi-out VSTi, Rewire & DXi softsynths
* VST & DX effects
* FPC: Fruity Pad Controller - FPC (Fruity Pad Controller) is a software plugin similar to the hardware Akai MPC unit, coded & optimized for the FL Studio platform. FPC is a self-contained multi-layer/velocity drum machine that makes it easy to create, edit and swap drum kits on the fly. FPC supports 16 multi-layered patches for banks A and B.
* FL Studio Instruments & Effects
* Usable as multi-out VSTi client in hosts like Cubase
* Usable as multi-out ReWire client in hosts like Sonar
* Usable as multi-out DXi client in hosts like Sonar

MIDI support:
* Use external MIDI keyboards & MIDI controllers
* Import & export MIDI files
* MIDI SysEx input and basic MMC functions

Audio support:
* Fruity does not support audio recording. However, it reads .WAV, .MP3, .SYN, .DS, .Speech, and .OGG files
Awesome beat maker online

Music creation:
* Step sequencer with integrated piano keyboard
* Piano roll (allowing chords)
* Full realtime recording & automation of all parameters
* Internal controllers
* Arpeggiator
* Automatic slicer (that reads .REX files)
* More than 15 generators (softsynths) included
* Over 40 HQ FX (effects) included

* Pattern-based event automation

Mixer and FX rack:
* 99 Insert & 4 Send Tracks with 8 FX channels each
* Post FX Parametric EQ, Volume, Pan, VU meter
* Full FX (re)routing

Updates and online features:
*Lifetime FREE updates (since FL box v.10)
* Download more than 2GB of HQ samples on SampleFusion
* Watch dozens of online Video Tutorials
* Exchange songs & tips with users & developers in FL forums

Output support:
* Directsound
* Multi-out ASIO
* MIDI out
* Render to .WAV (16bit, 24bit or 32bit)
* Render to .MP3 (32kbit up to 320kbit)
* Render to .OGG (32kbit up to 450kbit)
* Render separate stems for each mixer track

Synthesizers and effects plug-ins:
* FL Studio installs with over 30 instrument & 40 effect plugins. Many plugins are available in FL (native) and VST format, that can be used in other hosts.

FL Versions Of Plug-ins:
* FL version of SimSynth Live - SimSynth Live captures the big multi-oscillator sound of a MiniMoog, and combines it with the warm, fat sound of Oberheim style SVF filters. The result? Rich strings, wall to wall brass, and fat punchy basses. And FL hasn't forgotten techno sounds either. SimSynth Live uses a filter technique that gives the EMPH knob a sound you can crank.

Technical Specifications:
- 3 oscillators, each with a dual (warm) mode effectively making 6 oscillators
- Ring modulator
- A dual SVF filter that programs like an old Oberheim SEM, (lets you mix lowpass, bandpass, and highpass)
- Two discrete envelopes and an LFO.Stereo chorus effect, (in case 6 oscillators aren't warm enough)
- Studio-quality, alias-free rendering
- FX Panel with EQ, Reverb, Phaser & Delay
- FL Studio & VSTi versions included

* FL version of DX-10 - DX10 recreates the classic FM sound but with a much simpler and more intuitive interface than any DX synth, or any of their software imitations. By using a harmonically rich modulating oscillator (with extra control in the new version) only one carrier and modulator produce a wide range of FM sounds typical of the later series of Yamaha DX synths such the DX-11 and TX-81Z.

Technical Specifications:
- New harmonic richness control
- More intuitive to program than any other FM synth
- 130+ presets included

* FL version of DrumSynth - DrumSynth Live is an updated version of the popular DrumSynth standalone created by Maxim Digital Audio. DrumSynth Live features simultaneous support for 24 programmable real-time drum patches, each assigned to a separate key (C4 to B5). You can morph dynamically from one drum patch to another - just select the patch to morph to and tweak the morph amount wheel.
In DrumSynth Live, sound is created by two noise generators and filtered by bandpass filters with incredible range - you can set anything from a single frequency (sine wave) to full white noise.

Technical Specifications:

- Cool interface
- Create complete drumtracks in a single channel
- Change properties according to the note velocity
- Sends for your own send tracks

*FL Studio comes with the demo of DrumSynth Live pre-installed. The demo version has all the functionality of the 'real' generator, although all channels using it are deleted when saving.

* FL version of WASP, WASP XT - The WASP vsti-dxi is best described as a "broad" analog emulation synth, which means it can model sounds from a large range of analog synths such as Moog, Roland and others. New & experimental sounds are easy to synthesize with this plug-in!

Technical Specifications:
- 2 oscillators with coarse tune, -36/+36 semitones, & fine tune
- Oscillator shapes including sawtooth, square, sine & noise
- Sub Oscillator, slaved to Osc1 (one octave below), saw & square shapes
- Oscillator Mix slider
- Pulse Width for Osc1 & Osc2
- Frequency Modulation (Osc1>Osc2)
- Ring Modulator (Osc1 x Osc2)
- Amplitude envelope (ADSR) which can be linked to Filter ADSR
- Filter envelope (ADSR)
- 2 LFOs with Pitch, Osc Mix, Cutoff, Amp, PWM targets
- Filter section, packed with 6 filters.
- Cutoff, Resonance & Filter Envelope Amount adjustable
- Distortion section with Drive + Tone Control

* FL version of SynthMaker Player

* DirectWave Player - DirectWave is one of the most complete VSTi samplers currently available. It loads and edits most of the existing sound formats³ out there (WAV (any), SF2 (Soundfont), AKP (Akai), Propellerheads Recycle, Native Instruments Battery, Kontakt *(nki), GIGA *(gig) & eMagic EXS24, ...) and it can even sample your existing VSTi instruments.

Technical Specifications:
- 16-part multitimbral, 32-bit VSTi sampler
- 128-voice polyphony
- 128 programs
- Unlimited zones per program
- All sample rates supported
- Realtime SINC-64 point interpolation (HQ Audiophile)
- Poly, Mono, Legato operation, with glide / auto mode.
- 2*24 dB 5 mode filters serial or parallel
- Flexible-16 slot freely assignable Modulation Matrix
- 2 mod. ADSR envelopes, 2 zone-independent mod. LFOs 2 global program mod. LFOs
- Automatable loop points, reverse loop points supported
- Loop modes : fwd, one-shot, sustained, bounce looping
- Automatable sample start offset (available as mod. destination parameters)
- Built-in voice Insert FX with independent settings for each zone : ring mod. sample-rate decimator, bitcrusher & phaser.
- Built-in send effects : chorus, reverb, delay (with filtered feedback, sync to host tempo).
- Independent send amounts per zone
- 16 freely assignable stereo outputs
- Multi-editor with channel list, mixer, expression, modulation and pitchbend GUI controls
- Built-in sample editor with destructive editing (cut / copy / paste / trim functions), loop finding tool, normalize, vertical / horizontal zooming, etc)
- Realtime sampling / recording of whatever is connected to DirectWave inputs (needs modular host or host with assignable plug-in routing)
- Record Threshold: sampling input will wait until signal peak arises (-40dB)
- Built-in VSTi host to easily automate "sampling" of your vst instruments directly into DirectWave
- Total Recall operation mode: DirectWave will enclose all the required sample data in the project files created by your host: it creates totally portable projects without worrying about needed sample files
- Import: DWP (proprietary), WAV (any), SF2 (Soundfont), AKP (Akai), Propellerheads Recycle, Native Instruments Battery, Kontakt *(nki), GIGA *(gig) & eMagic EXS24
- Several importing methods: built-in browsing, drag&drop, menu options
- Built-in fast library browser list and tree-arranged menu program selector.
- Zone editor with visual zone arrangement map and list with all zone properties
- All program/zone parameters of all channels can be automated as VST parameters

³WARNING: DirectWave will not import the above formats if they have been encrypted/protected.

* FL versions of Effects:

- Delay is a delay line plugin, with inverted stereo / ping pong modes & a lowpass filter, optimized for automation (input and feedback values are ramped).

- Delay Bank is a powerful delay/filter plugin. This effect consists of a bank of 8 identical banks, each of which can be fed to the next bank in the chain, to create complex delay and filtering effects.

- EQUO is an advanced morphing graphic equalizer plugin. Equalizing is the process of increasing or decreasing the loudness of specific frequencies. EQUO is particularly suited to live or automated tweaking during a performance. The main display contains both the EQ (VOL) and EQ (PAN) controls so that sounds can not only be shaped according to frequency content, but panning can be applied on specific frequency basis. Further, One Master EQ shape and then a further 8 separate EQ/PAN shapes may be set and then these EQ shapes can be smoothly morphed using the Morph knob.

- Flangus allows you to enrich the stereo panorama of your mix, add complex flange effects and simulate unison mode synthesis via a set of controllable 'stacked' flangers.

- Love Philter is the most powerful filter plugin in FL Studio. Love Philter consists of eight identical filter units, each able to be fed to the next one in the chain. It can create complex delay, gating and filtering effects.

- Vocoder is an advanced real-time vocoder effect with a wide range of adjustable parameters and zero latency. Vocoding is the process of using the frequency spectrum of one sound to modulate the same in another. The vocoder acts like a series of gates allowing through those frequencies it detects in the modulator. When a human voice is used to modulate a synthesized chord, for example, it can sound like the synt

- Parametric EQ is a CPU-friendly 7 band parametric equalizer plug-in. Equalizing is the process of increasing or decreasing the loudness of specific frequencies. You can adjust the frequency and width of each band in the EQ. Also, each band can act as high shelf, low shelf, peaking, band pass, notch, high pass or low pass filter. The plug-in also contains global gain wheel to adjust the overall volume.

- Parametric EQ2 is an advanced 7-Band parametric equalizer plug-in with spectral analysis. Equalizing is the process of increasing or decreasing the loudness of specific frequencies. The Band type (shape), center frequency and width of each Band are fully adjustable. You can choose from High Shelf, Low Shelf, Peaking, Band Pass, Notch, Low Pass, High Pass or Band Pass filters for each Band independently. There is also a global gain slider to adjust the overall volume.

When to use: Fruity Parametric EQ is useful wherever precise control over EQ is required and screen space is limited, otherwise use the, even more, sophisticated Fruity Parametric EQ 2. A more general alternative to either of these Parametric EQ's is EQUO.

- Multiband Compressor

- Spectroman is a spectrum analyzer plug-in. Insert Spectroman into the mixer track you wish to produce a spectrograph or sonograph from. A spectrograph behaves like a row of peak meters, from low to high frequencies. The louder the frequency, the higher the bar will peak. A sonograph is a rolling display of the intensity plotted as a chart. Low frequencies are plotted on the left through to high frequencies on the right (Edison has a much larger and higher-resolution capability for this type of display on sampled data) or if you want live displays Wavecandy also has a real-time spectrograph; the louder the particular frequency the brighter the trace on the screen. This plugin is useful (when mixing) for checking the frequency distribution of your mix. Be sure to have one running if anyone is watching, it makes you look like you know what you are doing :)

- Stereo Enhancer contains various filters and processors to alter and enrich the stereo image of the input sound.

- Wave Candy is a flexible audio analysis and visualization tool which includes an Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Vectorscope and Peak Meter.

- Wave Shaper - Fruity WaveShaper is a wave distortion effect that maps input (horizontal axis) to output (vertical axis) values using flexible spline-based graph.

- Soundgoodizer - Soundgooodizer is a stereo 'maximizer-enhancer' plug-in based on the Maximus multiband maximizer soundprocess engine. Soundgoodizer has been fully endorsed by famous people with really big egos ears - It's shiny, it's good!

- 3xOsc is a 3-oscillator, subtractive synthesizer feeding the FL Studio Sampler. Its purpose is to generate a bright sound to be filtered by the channel's instrument tools. It can also produce its own kind of stereo phasing.

- Sampler

- BooBass - is a monophonic, realistic bass generator with adjustable frequency response and supports portamento slides.

- BeepMap - generates sound based on an image. Imagine a vertical line scanning an image from left to right translating (mapping) colors and brightness to frequencies, tone and volume. There you have BeepMap. BeepMap is especially good at producing atmospheric and eerie sounds, particularly when given generous amounts of ping-pong delay and reverb.

BeepMap, translates the red color into the amplitude of a sine wave on the left channel and green colors into a sine wave on the right channel. Yellow, a mixture of red and green will therefore sound equally on both channels.

The frequency of each sine wave depends on its vertical position in the bitmap. Optionally, the blue component is used to define the frequency range per pixel.

- Plucked! is an example of a physical modeling synth, where mathematical formula are used to simulate real sound producing objects, like a plucked string, for example. Plucked implements a Karplus-b plucked string model.

- Fruit Kick is a simple kick drum synthesizer. A kick drum sound is synthesized by taking a simple waveform, sine wave, with a fast opening volume envelope and a quickly falling initial pitch. This generator allows you to tweak these parameters.

- Chrome

- FPC (Fruity Pad Controller) is a software plug-in similar to the hardware Akai MPC™ unit, coded & optimized for the FL Studio platform. FPC is a self-contained multi-layer/velocity drum machine that makes it easy to create, edit and swap drum kits on the fly. FPC supports 16 multi-layered patches for banks A and B.

- Wave Traveller is an accurate vinyl scratch simulator and sample-playback manipulator.

- The Drumpad percussion modeling instrument gives you total control over a physically modeled drum and is based on the Drumaxx instrument. Drumpad has been designed to work with the FL Studio Stepsequencer, so that any number of Channels can be loaded with a Drumpad instrument.

- Dashboard allows you to create software interfaces to your external MIDI hardware, such as keyboards, mixers, samplers, etc. Further, you can use the integrated automation system to record the changes as your song progresses, or set up interfaces that act as internal controllers to bring together the range of commonly tweaked knobs in one place. Dashboard includes several pre-made panels (presets) for popular MIDI devices you can use directly in your projects. You can customize the existing panels for your own use or create new ones from scratch. This way, you can adapt Dashboard for any MIDI device you own without using plugins dedicated to a specific hardware.

- Fruity Keyboard Controller is an automation control and makes no sound of its own. You can use this plugin to control knob and sliders through out FL Studio. This is achieved by mapping note pitch and velocity fed to the keyboard controller from the Piano roll or Step Sequencer to any automatable parameter within FL Studio and 3rd party plugins.

- Fruity Vibrator adds vibes to your songs using any force feedback device present on your PC. The plug-in loads & maps .ffe effect files across the keyboard, & plays them back (with velocity).Such .ffe effect files can be created using the Microsoft Force Editor tool (fedit.exe) that can be found in the latest DirectX Developer SDK.

- MIDI Out plug-in does not make any sound on its own, it acts as a MIDI controller, sending standard MIDI messages to internal (plugins) or external MIDI hardware. Up to eight pages X nine controllers are freely assignable on the MIDI Out plugin to parameters on the target MIDI device.

- FL Slayer is a realistic electric guitar simulation originally developed by reFX. It uses a hybrid synthesis similar to physical modeling. The simulator is equipped with a high-quality amp section and effects rack enabling you to recreate the complete electric guitar sound without additional plug-ins.

- FL Keys is a realistic piano simulator with optimized CPU and memory usage. This plugin plays back multi-samples and is effectively a specialized sampler designed for 'keyboard' instruments.

- Fruity Granulizer is a generator plug-in that utilizes the granular synthesis technology. The source material for the Granulizer is a wave sample loaded by the user. Granular synths split a wave sample into many small pieces ("grains"), which are then played back according to the settings of the generator. The length and spacing of the grains can also be altered to achieve different effects. Granular synthesis can be used to stretch a wave without altering its pitch and vice versa. It can be used to create lots of complex special effects. Since all of the parameters are automatable, you can even start with normal playback and then morph to some kind of effect.

- Patcher loads as an instrument or effect and allows you to chain both instruments and effects into complete units for use in future projects. Set up your favorite instrument & effects chain for example. It also allows you to add unlimited effects or instruments in a single Channel or Effects slot.

- ZGameEditor Visualizer is a visualization effect plug-in with movie render capability. ZGameEditor Visualizer is based on the free open source ZgameEditor that can be used to visualization create objects for the plug-in.

* Included Content
- 1900+ presets using 600 wav files
- Generic Sample CD - The Generic SampleCD is a perfect start for anyone looking for a high- quality sampleset. It contains royalty-free samples and .flp (FL Studio project) files in all kinds of genres.
- Getting Started Manual

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  • Fruity Edition includes all Express Edition features plus:
  • Piano roll allowing chords and note-slides
  • Playlist (Pattern Clip) arranging
  • Full automation of all enabled parameters (as Event Automation)
  • Internal controllers as a modulation source
  • Used as VST instrument in another host e.g. Cubase, Sonar, Logic, etc.
  • Used as a ReWire & VST client or host
  • + Simsynth Live synthesizer instrument
  • + Drumsynth Live percussion synthesizer
  • + DX10 FM synthesizer
  • + Wasp & Wasp XT synthesizers
  • Lifetime free updates to Fruity Edition by download
  • No audio recording

Fullfill you musical duty and buy Fruity today!

All in all a great beat maker online.

Now you decide which one is the best beat making software.

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